Snap a photo of any delivery label

Log ANY delivery in seconds

Package Zen scans the entire label and identifies the correct resident and unit automatically.
Our powerful technology never keeps you waiting or forces you to manually type in any information.

Instantly record pickup

Snap a photo and collect a signature. That's it. Your records are completed automatically and accurately.

Automatically notify residents

Residents receive a photo notification when you snap a picture... and reminders if it's not picked up.

Never lose track

Find any delivery using the resident's name, unit number, tracking number, carrier, or any text anywhere on any label

Snap a photo of any delivery label.

Simply snap a photo and you're done.

Package Zen lets you log 50 deliveries in 5 minutes.

When you receive deliveries you'll open the Package Zen Mobile App to snap an image of each label.

Package Zen automatically processes any shipping label for you. Yes, even handwritten labels.

Package Zen does all the work in the background while you move on to the next delivery. We'll never make you do any data entry or wait to log the next delivery.

Automatically notify residents.

Automatic delivery notifications

Residents receive a notification in seconds. Every email, or SMS notification includes the label image so there's never any confusion.

Automatic reminder notifications

Deliveries piling up? No longer. Package Zen sends automatic reminders to pick up any remaining items.

Custom Settings

Send notifications by Email or SMS.... or turn them off entirely. Your notifications and reminders are completely customizable to fit the needs of your residents.

Sign out any delivery with just a photo .

Simply snap an image of each delivery label and collect one signature per batch. You can customize your workflow to collect any information you need.

Package Zen's powerful technology automatically and accurately matches up every image to generate complete, searchable records. You'll never hunt and peck to sign out deliveries or hope that a hurried resident picked the right delivery to sign out.

Simply snap a photo and you're done.

Never lose a delivery again.

Your Item Log is a complete, accurate, and searchable history of every delivery.

Package Zen transforms your delivery management process with the most powerful search in the industry.
Find any delivery by the resident, the unit number, any of 1,300 carriers, the tracking number, the date received and any text anywhere on any delivery label. Search by purchase order numbers, reference numbers, inventory numbers, phone numbers.
If it's on the label, it's searchable.

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